Whether the LED flip technology can lead the packaging field a reform!

LED packaging adhesive belongs to electronic chemicals, is the supporting materials of the LED industry. In recent years, the global LED industry has gradually shifted to China, and the domestic output of LED chips and LED packaging occupies a higher and higher proportion in the world, followed by a substantial increase in the demand for LED packaging adhesive.

With the rapid development of the domestic LED industry, domestic LED packaging adhesive products have fully replaced the imported packaging adhesive in the middle and low-end fields, and the high-end market is also showing the trend of import substitution.

High-industry LED Research Institute (GGII) statistics show that in 2016, the overall market size of the domestic packaging adhesive is about 1.6 billion, of which the low refractive index domestic packaging adhesive has basically achieved 100% of the domestic production, and the high refractive index domestic packaging adhesive has occupied about 60% of the domestic market share.

In 2016, because of the chemical industry raw materials prices and LED the stabilization of recovery, LED encapsulation adhesive prices start falling in the second half of the year, the size of the market begins to increase gradually, but because the domestic LED encapsulation adhesive fields, small and medium-sized companies, most of these companies do not own the core technology, still in low-end encapsulation adhesive market competition is intense.

High-end packaging adhesives with excellent performance are controlled by foreign and a small number of domestic companies with strong technical strength. With the rapid development of packaging technology, the performance of packaging adhesives has also put forward more stringent requirements.

Domestic packaging glue manufacturers need to keep up with the development of packaging technology and chip technology to adjust their products, in order to ensure that the enterprise in the great waves to move forward.


Shenzhen Chenri Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chenri Technology") is a state-level high-tech enterprise in the field of electronic fine chemicals and a new third-edition listed company.


Formed a company specialized in professional, master degree of polymer materials as the core of research and development team is committed to LED semiconductor packaging materials, packaging materials, electronic assembly materials and solar energy photovoltaic material innovation, is first put forward in the field of LED encapsulation flip chip packaging solid solder paste, flip with fruit powder glue, crystal lamp sericin solution provider, the main products are LED flip solid crystal solder paste, COB encapsulation organic silica gel, LED lights sericin, lead-free solder paste, etc.


At present, the domestic LED packaging industry in the downstream of the broad application market and other factors driven by the scale is expanding.Chenri Technology closely follows the new demand of the application market, seize the new opportunities, and achieve the industry-leading product technology update speed.

As early as 2010, Chen Ri Technology took the lead in launching solid crystal solder paste for LED flip, and then developed COB encapsulation surrounding ba glue and organic silicone products.Solid crystal solder paste is also the earliest chip solid crystal improvement put forward by Chen Ri Technology in the industry. After 3 years of market cultivation and technical demonstration, it has now been affirmed by large LED packaging listed companies.


In addition, COB encapsulation Wai Ba glue, flip encapsulation silicone in the support of high cost performance, has also been rapidly recognized by domestic large COB packaging enterprises, especially LED filament jelly with its high reliability and high cost performance advantages growing rapidly.


It is through the grasp of the technology trend, chenri-technology focus on breaking through the key technical indicators of products, with the best product use value to meet customer needs.

Up to now, ChenriTech has provided products and technical support services for a number of listed packaging companies. In LED flip packaging key materials, ChenriTech set up a flip expert team to provide customers with full technical guidance and support, which has been well evaluated in the industry.


It is worth mentioning that the morning technology not only in the development of new products at the same time also with its own intellectual property rights protection, currently in the field of LED flip chip packaging has 3 authorized invention patents are: "a high thixotropy LED phosphors settlement jelly glue", "LED integrated manufacturing process", "a chip packaging solid crystal solder paste and its preparation method and use the process".There are also nearly 10 utility model patents in the fields of semiconductor packaging and electronic assembly materials.


Indeed, the LED packaging industry competition intensified, solder paste and silica gel practitioners, are facing a lot of competitive pressure, so that the price chaos, quality level is not homogeneous, small counterp

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