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Whether the LED flip technology can lead the packaging field a reform!

LED packaging adhesive belongs to electronic chemicals, is the supporting materials of the LED industry. In recent years, the global LED industry has gradually shifted to China, and the domestic output of LED chips and LED packaging occupies a higher and higher proportion in the world, followed by a substantial increase in the demand for LED packaging adhesive.

In 2016, because of the chemical industry raw materials prices and LED the stabilization of recovery, LED encapsulation adhesive prices start falling in the second half of the year, the size of the market begins to increase gradually, but because the domestic LED encapsulation adhesive fields, small and medium-sized companies, most of these companies do not own the core technology, still in low-end encapsulation adhesive market competition is intense.

High-end packaging adhesives with excellent performance are controlled by foreign and a small number of domestic companies with strong technical strength. With the rapid development of packaging technology, the performance of packaging adhesives has also put forward more stringent requirements.

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