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What is a corn lamp

Led corn lamp is a kind of LED lamps and lanterns, because the maximum luminous point of LED is 120 degrees. Considering the uniformity of light emission, it is planned to emit 360 degrees to achieve the best lighting efficiency. Because its shape is like corn cob, it is specially called led corn lamp.

Led corn lamp is known as the fourth generation lighting source or green light source. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, long life and small volume. It can be widely used in the urban night scene lighting fields such as journey lights, landscape lights, Chinese lights, courtyard lights, lawn lights, etc. Together, it is also the best standard light source in the field of home lighting, such as European lamp, chandelier, marble lamp, wall lamp, downlight, etc.

The lamp body of corn lamp is delicate, fashionable in style and exquisite in technology. It has the characteristics of high light efficiency, long life and healthy lighting. Moreover, the corn lamp is impact resistant and not easy to be broken. The waste can be recycled and pollution-free, so it can be called "green lighting color".

Corn lamp can not only be used in city secondary road and community journey and sidewalk lighting, but also can be used in landscape lamp, journey lamp, street lamp, factory, square lamp, work lamp and courtyard lamp. It can also be used in solar and wind energy lighting. Therefore, corn lamp is widely used.

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