What are led corn light bulbs ?

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Characteristics of led corn light bulbs

Led refers to light-emitting diode lighting, LED corn light source has the advantages of low-voltage power supply, less energy consumption, strong applicability, high stability, short response time, no pollution to the environment, multi-color light-emitting and so on.

Local LED lighting industry tends to mature

In recent years, with the gradual increase of LED lighting product penetration, the global LED lighting industry market has entered a stable growth period. According to IHS data, China's LED general lighting market scale exceeds 280 billion yuan. With the continuous and stable growth of China's LED general lighting market, the local LED light industry is becoming mature, the price of LED bulb tends to be stable, and the relationship between supply and demand is gradually improved. The local lighting industry has entered a period of structural adjustment, and the construction of independent brands has been gradually strengthened.

The construction of local LED lighting independent brand accelerates the rise

With the frequent integration and withdrawal of international lighting plants in recent years, the brand upgrading road of China's lighting industry is expected to gain a historical development window. In the process of building their own brands, local LED lighting enterprises, which pursue high sales cost rate, high R & D investment, high gross profit rate and high quality, are expected to accumulate a lot of money, give full play to the advantages of supply chain management and product accumulation, and expand brand influence and market share in the global lighting market.

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