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Vuzix Micro LED AR smart glasses released, display supplied by JBD

In September 2020, smart eyewear and AR technology developer Vuzix announced that it will launch Micro LED AR smart eyewear in 2021. Micro LED technology will be available in both monochrome and full-color solutions. The product line includes mid-range consumer products and high-end enterprise versions with built-in cellular communication capabilities.


Vuzix unveiled its Micro LED AR smart glasses, which use a JBD Micro display, at CES 2021 on January 12. The glasses are expected to be available this summer, but the price has not yet been announced.

The smart glasses are equipped with ultra-small but powerful display and projection modules on both sides, which are similar to everyday glasses and are enough to ensure comfort.


Combining Vuzix's waveguide technology with an optical display engine, the glasses compose images inside and project stereoscopic, monochromatic or color images as required by the software.


JBD's Micro LED displays can achieve different pixel densities and resolutions, with pixel spacing ranging from 400-10,000DPI, featuring high brightness, high reliability and high external quantum efficiency, which can meet the needs of AR/VR, head-mounted devices and other displays.

In addition, the glasses are equipped with other accessories, such as stereo speakers and noise-canceling speakers, and support for WiFi and cellular LTE. It also supports Android and iOS gesture-touch controls, which allow you to control mobile apps from the side of the glasses.


The Vuzix Micro LED smart glasses aren't really targeting the consumer market, but rather the enterprise market.

It's also worth noting that Vuzix entered into a partnership with Plessey in 2018 to develop Micro LED displays for AR smart glasses. In 2019, Plessey and Vuzix deepened their partnership by signing a long-term supply contract for Micro LEDs. However, Plessey was acquired by Facebook in 2020, which meant Vuzix needed to find a new partner. JBD is now Vuzix's new partner.

Vuzix disclosed that it has signed a multi-year agreement with JBD to develop and cross-supply solutions such as Micro LED displays and waveguide technology. Specifically, JBD provides Micro LED displays, and Vuzix provides a newly developed proprietary waveguide and an optical display engine for Micro LED displays.

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