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Using Quantum Mini LED technology, Samsung launches the new NEO QLED TV!

Samsung today (1.7) introduced a new display technology, the Neo QLED, to its flagship 8K(QN900A) and 4K(QN90A) TV models.Samsung takes QLEDs to the next level with a new light source, a Quantum MiniLED screen precisely controlled by Quantum matrix technology, and a NEO Quantum processor.

It is understood that the quantum MiniLED designed by Samsung is only 1/40 of the size of the traditional LED, and the quantum matrix technology can control the dense arrangement of LEDs with ultra-fine and precise control, so that the audience can enjoy the content they want to see.Neo QLED increases brightness to 12bit, order 4096, which helps to make dark areas darker and bright areas brighter, resulting in a more accurate and immersive HDR experience.The Neo QLED benefits from Samsung's proprietary, powerful Neo Quantum processor, which offers enhanced upgrade capabilities.Using up to 16 different neural network models, the Neo Quantum processor can optimize image quality to 4K and 8K, regardless of input quality.

On the design front, Samsung's Neo Qled 8K 2021 TV features the new Infinity One design, with a nearly bezel-less screen that delivers a more immersive viewing experience with rounded design and shape.Samsung's 2021 Neo QLED 8K and 4K models offer smart features that expand the role of TVs to help consumers meet their changing needs in fitness, entertainment and home work.

In addition, Samsung's 2021 QLED TVs are also adapted to the Xbox Series X/S or Play Station 5, with a new "games bar" that gives quick access to Settings such as refresh rate, aspect ratio, and more.The HDM I2.1 features that players are looking for -- 120Hz 4K, variable refresh rate, automatic low latency mode, and erc -- are all supported, but you'll be giving up some of the underlying features.Samsung will also bring gaming monitors' ultra-wide 21:9 and 32:9 ratios to TV screens.

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