The scope and application of led corn lamp

LED corn lamp is a widely used light source, which can be used in crystal chandeliers, bedside lamps, and other indoor lamps. LED lamp with its high luminous efficiency, long life, and other advantages, is replacing the traditional halogen lamp. So let's talk about LED applications

1. The application area of exclusive stores and shopping malls

The advantages of LED corn light sources in local lighting, key lighting, and regional lighting can create a high-quality light environment that other traditional lighting electric light sources can't match. Its full spectrum color range is very suitable for setting off the atmosphere of exclusive stores and shopping malls and is very suitable for the commercial lighting network

2. The application area of the lighting of museums, art galleries, and other professional places

LED is a cold light source, the light does not contain ultraviolet. Because museums, art galleries, and other places belong to the special occasions with high requirements for lighting environment, the particularity of their display items requires that the lighting source does not contain ultraviolet rays and has no thermal radiation, so LED can meet the special requirements of museums and art galleries for lighting.

3. The application area of stage lighting for dancing and photography in commercial theatres and TV studios

The application of LED light sources in indoor lighting interprets a new concept for the lighting environment of theater and studio and adjusts the atmosphere and temperature of theater and studio to a more comfortable level.

In general, today's LED has become a popular keyword. Its superior technical characteristics and reduced cost make its popularization more and more bright. More and more commercial displays, stadiums, outdoor advertisements, and even daily applications will become the stage for LED equipment to display itself

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