TCL pushed 4 k Mini LED backlight television| Viewsonic Mini LED backlit display unveiled

backlit display unveiled

At CES 2021, two more brands announced MINI LED backlight products, TCL and Viewsonic.

TCL announces 4K Mini LED backlight TV.

According to TCL's official information, TCL released the 4K Miniled C825 TV during CES this year.

It is understood that TCL C825 uses multi-zone backlight control technology to achieve fine adjustment of brightness. This TV uses quantum dot display technology to achieve the ultimate picture quality with higher color gamut and more precise light control. Meanwhile, TCL C825 is equipped with Dolby Vision and supports Dolby Panoramic Sound. In addition, the TCL C825 also supports 120Hz MEMC technology, as well as built-in esports feature.

Viewsonic releases 4K Mini LED backlit display

At this year's CES, Viewsonic unveiled several 32-inch gaming monitors with up to 4K 144Hz specs that support variable refresh rate (VRR) and 99% Adobe RGB wide color gamut.

Among them, the Viewsonic XG321ug is a G-Sync Ultimate certified display, 4K 144Hz, using DisplayPort 1.4. The display uses Miniled backlighting, has 1152 dimmable areas and is VESA DisplayHDR 1000 certified.

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