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Sony's New Micro LED Products Released!

——Aim for high-end markets such as film production

In 2016, Sony first released the first Micro LED display, Crystal LED, with a modular, bezel-less design.

On January 6, 2021, Sony unveiled two new Crystal LED displays: the C-Series ZRD-C12A/C15A and the B-Series ZRD-B12A/B15A.

Product highlights are large viewing Angle, wide color gamut, contrast up to 1,000,000:1, medium and high level brightness of 800cd/m2, high brightness of 1,800 CD /m2, support HDR, HFR (120FPS) and 3D input signals.

Product design emphasizes modular configuration, seamless splicing, bezel-less lightweight and streamlined design, flexible installation.

Among them, C series with high contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 as the main features, products using optimized deep black coating technology, suitable for enterprise exhibition hall, lobby, customer experience center and other application scenarios.

The B-series features a high brightness of 1,800 CD /m2 and a wide color gamut. It uses a matte anti-reflective coating technology to achieve realistic image effects for creative, design, and film production applications such as virtual sets and studio backgrounds.

Both Series C and Series B are available with two pixel spacing schemes, namely P1.26mm and P1.58mm, to meet different installation requirements.At the same time, they are equipped with high-performance image quality processor X1 for Crystal LEDs, which fully combines LED driver and control technology specially developed for Crystal LEDs with the recognized signal processing technology from the Bravia TV series.

With an image update rate of up to 120fps and a 22-bit grayscale image, the new product is able to achieve high image accuracy, providing realistic large-scale images that maintain image integrity at both short and long distances.

The release of Series C and Series B Crystal LEDs further expanded the product lineup of Sony Crystal LEDs and their application scenarios continued to expand.Sony will show off the new Micro LED at CES 2021, which it plans to launch this summer.

TrendForce believes that High dynamic contrast range (HDR), High image update rate (HFR) and High Grayscale are leading the display market trend.

Take the film shooting market for example, which is dominated by the use of green screen and post production.By the end of 2020, it can be seen that the LED display screen is gradually introduced into the film shooting market, and its advantages can greatly reduce the time cost of the production process and post-production.

For the LED display industry, film shooting is like cinema and home theater, and it is a new niche market that pursues high dynamic contrast range, high refresh rate and high gray scale, emphasizing picture quality, color precision and fluency.

In 2021, Sony successfully launched Crystal Micro LED Display G2, which enhanced the specifications of picture quality, optical processing, mechanism and built-in processor, and is expected to target the film shooting market in combination with its own film company.

High-end display screens are mainly used in corporate headquarters, conference space, control room, home theater, film shooting and high-end retail. In the future, driven by the three major indicators of HDR, HFR and high gray scale, the expansion of new display markets will have infinite potential.

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