Osram's first UVC LED was officially launched

On January 14, Osram launched its first UVC LED device, the Oslon UV 3636, officially entering the UVC LED market.

The Oslon UV 3636 is 3.6mm by 3.6mm in size, has a wavelength of 275nm and is available in both low and medium power options.They are suitable for sterilization.Among them, the light power of low-power UVC LED is 4.5MW when the current is 30mA, and the light power of medium-power UVC LED is 42mW when the current is 350mA.

Christian Leirer, Product manager at Osram Optoelectronics Semiconductor, said the Oslon UV 3636 device is osram's first innovative product within its UVC business, with a high-power UVC LED device expected to be launched in early 2021.

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