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New breakthrough! The manufacturer announced a doubling of the transfer speed of the Mini LED

On January 11, Rohinni announced a breakthrough in Mini LED transfer technology, based on its new transfer head technology, Mini LED transfer speed up to 100Hz (100 times per second). Rohinni claims this is the fastest transfer rate yet, effectively doubling the speed and cutting the cost in half compared to Rohinni's first generation transfer technology.

Rohinni has a proprietary process that enables the transfer of Mini/Micro LEDs to the substrate with high efficiency and precision. Between 2016 and 2019, Rohinni formed joint ventures with three companies to promote the commercial application of MINI /Micro LED.


In December 2016, Rohinni and keyboard membrane switch manufacturer Koka established Luumii joint venture to promote the use of Micro LED technology in keyboard and logo backlight products.


Around September 2018, Rohinni formed a joint venture with Magna Electronics (Magna Electronics), Magna Rohinni Automotive, to produce ultra-thin Micro LED lighting solutions.


In December 2019, Rohinni and BOE set up a joint venture of MICRO LED BOE PIXEY to jointly produce MICRO LED solutions for display backlight.


Currently, BOE Pixey focuses on the development and production of Mini/Micro LED transfer printing technology, which can achieve a transfer rate of 50 LED per second, while ensuring high efficiency and precision.

Rohinni said his company's new technology could help joint ventures in various sectors speed up production and reduce production costs.


In terms of applications, Rohinni said OEMs in the consumer, automotive and outdoor signage markets could use his transfer technology to create products that are brighter, thinner, and consume less power than existing products on the market.


The Mini LED is expected to be widely used in high-end applications such as TVs, video walls, and consumer electronics (tablets and laptops) in 2021, Rohinni said.


Rohinni's new technology allows for true mass production at lower cost, which means lower prices for consumers. In general, it is helpful to promote the rapid application of MINI LED and promote manufacturers to start new designs to meet the coming wave of MINI LED products.

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