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Neiya Chemical develops deep ultraviolet LED portable irradiator

In December 2020, South Korea's KTL test laboratory (KTL) announced that the air-conditioning and heating systems equipped with Violeds UV LED modules could kill 99% of airborne viruses in a 60 cubic meter room within 30 minutes. The virus tested was phage Phix174, which had a UV C dose close to SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus 2).

On January 7, Vaoso Seoul announced that the Violeds UV LED technology has passed new research tests.

According to official information, in December 2020, SETI conducted tests in KR Biotech, a South Korean research institute specializing in novel coronavirus bactericidal detection, and proved that Violeds UV LED technology can quickly and effectively inactivate 99.437% of novel coronavirus in one second.

According to Nizya's research, the service life of LEDs is estimated at 2,000 hours at a emission wavelength of 265 nanometers (nm), but at 280 nanometers (nm), the service life can be increased about tenfold to about 20,000 hours.

The portable UV lamp, developed by Japan, uses 12 deep UV LEDs to increase the output power of light at 280 nanometres (nm) to 70 milliwatts, the report said. According to the University of Tokushima experiment, when the deep ultraviolet radiation at a distance of 5 cm from the novel coronavirus for 30 seconds, it can destroy 99.99% of the virus particles on the surface of the object. In addition, it has also been confirmed that ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 280 nm (nm) has the same sterilization effect as ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 260 nm (nm) when the output power of the light is increased.

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