LED corn lights are a new type of lightning concept

They have unique barral-shape bodies which are similar to corns. Corn-shaped light bodies have a larger surface area in comparison to the traditional round-shaped bulbs, which would help heat dissipation throughout the light bodies, and making them a great choice for indoor/outdoor lightnings.

There are four main features of the TDRSHINE 54W/60W LED Corn Lights:

1. High Energy Efficiency: Larger surface area and better heat dissipations means more led beads could be installed around the light bodies without causing overheating. There are four air outlet channels within the light body which would also help cooling during continuous operations.Our 54W LED Corn Light has an output equivalent to 400W incandescent bulb with 7020 Lumens, and our 60W LED Corn Light has an output equivalent to 450W incandescent bulb with 7800 Lumens. Both types have a color temperature of 5000k cool white. led corn bulb for growing

2. Long Lifespan: Our 54W/60W Corn Lights have a lifespan of more than 50000 hours. Which is much longer than the fluorescent lamps (<5000 hrs) and incandescent light bulbs (<1000 hrs).

3. Strong Durability: Our Corn Lights are built on high quality aluminium frame bodies instead of thin plastic or metal strips. The 54W/60W Corn Lights have a net weight of 2.2/2.38 lbs which make the light suitable for heavy duty outdoor use. IP64 graded light surfaces protect the lights from dust and water splashes. We also obtain FC, CB, CC, ROHS, DLC Certificates which guarantee the best quality.

4. Easy Installation and high compatibility: Our Corn Lights come with E39 base, most commonly found in industrial/farm industries which is larger than the E26 base used in households. We can also provide the E39 to E26 adapters.


Thanks to all the features mentioned above our 54W/60W LED Corn Lights can fit various indoor/outdoor locations that require a powerful light source and long-lasting brightness such as indoor/outdoor parking facilities, sport facilities, large farms and warehouses, street lightnings. It can also be applied for household use with one lamp lightening the entire backyardThe 5000k color temperature and 80+ CRI can provide a clever vision for people even in large opening spaces.

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