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Led corn lamp is a kind of LED lamps

Led corn lamp is a kind of LED lamps. Since the maximum luminous angle of LED is 120 degrees, considering the uniformity of light emission, it is specially planned to emit 360 degrees. Its shape is like corn cob, so it is specially called led corn lamp. The lamp body is delicate, the equipment is concise, the style is fashionable, the process is exquisite, the ultra-low power consumption device, anti-seismic, anti shock, no thermal radiation, safe, stable, reliable, no need to consider the heat dissipation, long life characteristics.

Compared with the traditional light source, the cost of corn lamp is higher, and the high heat of high power will affect the service life. So the choice of corn is very important. The following are the reference indexes and factors for selecting corn lamp:

1. Lamp bead brand: the price of LED light source is very different. The price of LED with the same color and brightness can be several times different. This distance is mainly reflected in the reliability of LED and light attenuation, appearance technology and other functions.

2. High brightness: the higher the luminous power value, the stronger the adjustment of this lamp to convert electric energy into light energy, and the stronger the energy saving of the lamp. The conventional lamp on the market can achieve 90-140 LM / W.

3. Heat dissipation: the maximum temperature of the chip is about 120 degrees. The thermal conductivity of the lamp bead directly affects the light attenuation speed of the lamp bead. The key to the quality of the lamp bead is longevity.

4. Antistatic : Antistatic LED lamp beads are hard to be damaged by static electricity in strong electrostatic environment. Generally, only when the antistatic level is higher than the 3A level of the national regulations can the LED corn lamp be adjusted.

5. Color rendering index: according to the national standard GB / T 24823-2009, the color rendering index of all general lighting LED lamps and lanterns is required to be more than 80 before they are adjusted to be high-quality lighting.

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