Learn to buy light bulbs by color temperature

Light can be seen everywhere in our life. While most people enjoy the light it brings, they ignore the health risks it may bring.

About two-thirds of the world's population lives in light pollution, according to a US survey.Scientific research has found that any artificial light source will produce a subtle light pressure.This kind of light pressure exists for a long time, can make the person behave restlessly especially the infant, mood restlessness, result in insomnia.Wu warned that consumers should avoid the following common mistakes in their daily life to create a beautiful, comfortable and healthy scientific lighting environment.

1.The whole light source is too bright

2.Brightness is not divided into intensity.

3.The contrast is too strong.

4.The lights are colorful.

5.don't care about the color temperature.

Home lighting has a lot of mistakes, we should learn to read the color temperature when buying light bulbs.

The bulb that regular manufacturer produces can mark color temperature on package, commonly used color temperature is 2700K, namely the color temperature of common incandescent lamp, its characteristic is to feel the light is warm, but not bright enough, suit to be used at the head of a bed of the bedroom, wall lamp etc. Local illume;3000K is the color temperature closest to natural light and belongs to warm light. The light is warm and bright, which is suitable for the overall lighting design of a home.3400K is white light, a cool light, which can make people concentrate, suitable for office, study and other places.If there is no color temperature label on the packaging of the light source, it may be an informal product, try not to buy.

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