Introduction to LED projection lamps

As a kind of widely used outdoor lamps and lanterns, its shadow can be seen even in many indoor occasions. So what exactly are the functions of LED projection lamps? This paper will introduce the application functions of LED projection lamps and lighting in detail.

LED project-light lamp is LED as light source, lamps and lanterns of concentrating, it commonly used in the past is energy-saving lamps or metal halide lamp as light source, because the LED has the characteristics of small volume high luminous rate makes it replaced the traditional light source in most occasions, the mainstream of the project-light lamp light source is LED light source, only a handful of requires strong penetrating power, such as ocean ships and sports venues will be used in metal halide light source. LED projection lamp is also known as a spotlight, of course, there are a few designed lighting Angle, also known as floodlight industry, actually from the appearance of spotlight and floodlight no big difference, the main difference lies in the lens and reflective cup, here is not to do tired. led corn bulb 54w

In some local applications of buildings, we can often see the round head and square head projection lamps. Because of the small volume of LED light source, the external size of the lamps can also be reduced accordingly, which is convenient for the hiding of the lamps. The overall appearance of the building will not be damaged in the daytime, and the lighting effect at night is also relatively ideal, which can meet the lighting requirements. However, there is a contradiction between LED projection lamps. On the one hand, LED light source heating needs a larger volume to make the heat dissipation effect more ideal, and the corresponding life of light source with good heat dissipation effect will be longer. On the other hand, the enlargement of the lamp body will affect the appearance of the lamp. So everyone in the industry is trying to break through the contradiction between heat dissipation and structure.

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