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Integration of LED industry development

China LED Industry Network: As the growth champion among emerging industries in 2013, the LED industry continued its strong growth momentum in the first half of 2014.From the perspective of subdivision, the output value of LED lighting, packaging, display three types of products increased by more than 26% year on year.

Under the strong development of LED industry, as an industry benchmark, JuNeng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. performed more amazing, not only the overall revenue and profit of the company increased greatly, but also the growth of net income exceeded the industry average in the same period.The current LED boom has been driven mainly by rising exports and falling upstream costs. In particular, strong domestic and international demand for LED lamps and displays is the key to the growth.Zhou Peng, chairman of JNPV, said that the company's main LED series lamps and the newly launched T8 series lamps still have a lot of space in both the domestic and international markets, especially in foreign markets, such as South America, Russia and so on.Mr Zhou predicted that rapid growth in demand from overseas emerging markets was creating greater opportunities for Chinese LED companies.

Data show that the export amount of LED lighting products in China in the first half of 2014 is about 4.35 billion US dollars, of which the export value of BRICS countries is about 440 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 350%.In addition to the stimulation of overseas market and the expansion of export share, the most important reason for the rapid development of LED industry is the impact of upstream chip technology improvement and rapid price decline.Zhou Peng, chairman of JuNeng Optoelectronics, said that because of the continuous improvement of LED chip technology, the performance of LED products is becoming more and more perfect.At present, the overall technological innovation direction of LED product application industry mainly focuses on large screen intelligent control, high density display new product development, special opposite LED display application engineering design, LED display application expansion products, product reliability, energy saving and so on.

Therefore, the new generation of LED products of JNPV not only make further progress in high light efficiency, but also make great progress in wavelength consistency, antistatic ability and other aspects of LED chip materials.At the same time, the improvement of technology has not only brought about the improvement of performance, but also brought about the decline of price, which also makes LED lighting with greater capital into the home decoration industry, because the price gap between LED lighting and traditional lighting products is gradually narrowing, cost-effective advantages have emerged.This has significantly promoted the growth of LED lighting products.In 2014, JNPV launched a series of new LED lamps, which are aimed at the household lighting of ordinary families, and have received wide praise from customers since they were launched.

The good development trend of LED also stimulates the desire of enterprises to expand.More and more listed LED companies choose to seize the market through mergers and acquisitions or production expansion.According to senior figures in the LED industry, mergers and acquisitions and production expansion became the hottest topics in the first half of 2014.Zhou Peng, chairman of JuNeng Optoelectronics, said that the LED industry is ushering in an era of integration and development.At the same time, Zhou Peng also expressed concern about the rapid expansion of LED industry capacity, the whole industry needs to guard against the negative impact of overcapacity.

However, in general, Zhou Peng is optimistic about the development of the LED industry.He believes that this round of expansion is mainly dominated by the industry leader, relatively rational, will not bring too much pressure to the industry as a whole.He also said that JNPV will continue to focus on application innovation based on market demand, further improve chip technology, further benefit customers in the price, and strive to be in an invincible position in the integration and development of the LED industry.

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