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Gravity LED lights

Lights, chains, heavy bags,three simple parts make up a gravity LED.How does it light up?The weight could be lifted by a pull on the chain. A weight of 12kg takes only a few seconds at most and then let go of the chain, the heavy bag will slow down at 1mm/s. It can turn a generator to produce electricity and light a bulb.


The height of the installation determines how long the lighting lasts.The higher the lamp is set, the longer it takes the weight to fall, the longer the lighting lasts.A height of 1.8 meters can illuminate for more than 20 minutes.

You don't have to worry about high lights,Because the designer designed the protection mechanism.It can ensure the safety of heavy weight landing.



Gravity LEDs use no batteries at all.Users don't have to pay any electricity bills.You can use it for lighting at night. And it doesn't generate any garbage during use  and it's very clean and environmentally friendly.To test the usefulness of gravity lamps in poor areas,Along with other nonprofit organizations and volunteers.In 26 countries around the world, they bring the lamp to them and teach them how to use it.

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