Gravity LED lights

And one of the things they were trying to figure out was are these lights easy to use?Does it meet their needs?And will locals be willing to replace kerosene lamps with gravity leds?After testing them, they found that 90 percent of residents found the lights very practical.


But 10 percent still find it inconvenient.Because of the small size of the bag and the child's lack of strength and height,So it is difficult to pull the heavy bags up.


Based on this feedback, the GL Foundation has made further improvements.The improved gravity LED II,its heavy bags are bigger and more elastic, its lights are brighter and its brightness can be adjusted.It can also charge other electronic devices,More labor-saving, convenient for children and old people to use.


It has the following advantages:

First ,the child can pull easily,and children are more likely to use it to read and study at night.

Second,it's easier to do business in a small shop.There is no need to worry about kerosene lamps catching fire in a wooden house.

Third,the family ate by the bright light instead of eating and inhaling the choking smell of a kerosene lamp.


People's life is much more convenient, and the local environment has also been improved.CNN and other well-known media came to cover them.After the media coverage, people in many places began to care about gravity LED lights and offered to fund the non-profit organization to help them promote gravity LED lights.On Indiegogo(美国知名众筹网站), the first generation of gravity leds raised $399,590 in just one month.

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