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Gravity LED lights

With the money raised through crowdfunding, THE GL Foundation has mass-produced a batch of gravity leds.They have made these gravity LEDS available to people in some parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America.But that is far from enough, as there are many more poor areas without gravity leds and burning dangerous kerosene lamps.

    To make gravity LEDS available to people in these areas, THE GL Foundation has launched another crowdfunding campaign, with a goal of raising $199,000.

They plan to produce more modified gravity leds.

They expect the cost of the second generation of gravity LEDS to be lower through technological improvements.

Each lamp can be sold for less than $5, making it affordable for people in poor areas.

   In most people's mind, the word "light" symbolizes hope and beauty.But in areas where kerosene lamps are used, light has always been associated with danger and pollution.The mission of gravity LED lights is to eliminate these negative effects and to bring them the "light" of true security and happiness.

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