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Gravity LED lights (1)

When night falls,the streets would be lit up with lamps.We take this for granted,hardly ever imagined life without electric lights.

But on this earth, more than 1.5 billion people, can't afford a stable public power supply.So far, no electric light is available,they can only spend a night in the kerosene lamp.

So is there a way could it solve their lighting problem?Of course!The solution is a gravity LED called a GravityLight,people who can't afford electricity rely on their own strength.You can light up the lights.

The inventor of the lamp is a nonprofit organization——

The GravityLight Foundation,GL Foundation for short.

It aims to solve global poverty through innovative design.

How to help 1.5 billion people to find a cheap and sustainable way of lighting?

Gravity LED lights are their solution.People in poor areas can't afford electricity.And solar energy is unstable,you have to rely on sunlight and batteries to work.Gravity LEDS have few limitations in these areas,It doesn't matter whether there is money or not.

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