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Function introduction and application of LED corn lamp

Led corn lamp is named for its shape like corn, which uses LED light source. Led corn lamp has the characteristics of earthquake resistance, shock resistance, no thermal radiation, safety and stability. It is suitable for lighting in home, hotel, school, hospital and other places. Next, let's link about the function and application of LED corn lamp.

Led corn lamp function

The lamp body is small, suitable for domestic common lamp holder, easy to install; fashionable style, excellent technology, product series, give full play to the LED light source energy saving and environmental protection, no waste.

Application of LED corn lamp

First, using LED solid-state light source, without glass shell, tungsten wire and other vulnerable parts, it can withstand vibration impact. The common E27 common interface can be directly installed on the common AC 86v to 265V interface, which is convenient and safe to use.

Second, the energy-saving effect is obvious. The brightness of 2.5W LED lamp is equivalent to 40W incandescent bulb, which can save 80% energy.

Third, the unique heat dissipation design technology makes the life of LED light source can reach more than 50000 hours, and the whole lamp does not need to replace the light source for life, and the maintenance cost is extremely low.

Fourth, no bad glare, no stroboscopic. The glare, visual fatigue and line of sight interference caused by the bad glare of traditional lamps and lanterns are eliminated.

Fifth, there is no delay in start-up, and the normal brightness can be reached by power on without waiting, and the switching times can reach more than one million times. LED energy-saving bulb is suitable for families, offices, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, corridors, halls, stations, industrial plants, residences, hotels, restaurants and other lighting places that need to create a warm environment.

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