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Doppler photoelectric(2)

Precise projection and compact size of optical products play an important role in the LED lighting industry.

Doppler photoelectric 2014 invited to participate in the sixty-fifth anniversary of National Day lighting renovation project of the optical design, it adopted the ultra-thin glass Fresnel lens is only 5 mm (thickness), with a set of projection lens optics, a complete set of design a short light path, precision, high efficiency, light distribution 250 meters is implemented precision cast light difficult project.

From the lampposts located in front of the Great Hall of the People and the History Museum to the glazed tile surface of Tiananmen Square , the problem of optical and lighting system weight is solved once and for all by preventing light from spilling into the interior of the Forbidden City and the viewing platform of Tiananmen Square .The completion of this extremely difficult project also gives rise to the application trend of various narrow beams in China.

In recent years, LED lighting design has not only stayed in the common visual field, but also started to integrate the application of architectural media, stage lighting and human living space.

In 2017, Doppler photoelectric in the rescue operation of Oestre Gasvaerk Teater's historic building located in Copenhagen, the capital of Northern Denmark, and provided an innovative optical solution -- reflective Fresnel optical lens to a well-known Danish professional lighting product manufacturer and engineering contractor.The lens is able to concentrate light efficiently in very narrow Spaces and produce high brightness, narrow angles and more uniform spots, bringing Copenhagen's iconic old building back to life.

Current, stage lighting, film and television lighting field gradually stepped into the digital age, comprehensive doppler photoelectric combined technology and art, with optical design create a feeling of administrative levels and interaction of light, stage light with domestic scale enterprises to maintain close cooperation relationship at the same time, the doppler photoelectric for some of the world's top film producers also provides a unique optical and optical components, products applied to the famous movie pirates of the Caribbean series alien series avatar film scene, etc.

At this exhibition, Doppler photoelectric brought a new generation of LED mixed color spotlight module lens, which is different from the previous LED module lens that only supports white light.The lens adopts a patented innovative focusing design, and the entire module is characterized by high efficiency, high optical density, high uniformity, and significant color mixing effect.The LED module based on the lens can be widely used in various digital lighting fields.

At the same time, Doppler photoelectric has close cooperation with the world's major chip manufacturers in the field of LED chips, and formally joined osRAM's global partner network in 2019, becoming osram's officially certified optical solution provider.

Mr. Yin said that Doppler photoelectric will follow the trend, actively respond to the situation, concentrate high-quality resources, continue to increase investment in scientific and technological innovation product research and development, unswervingly follow the road of integrated innovation development, to provide more competitive optical solutions for industry customers.

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