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Doppler photoelectric(1)

——Adhere to scientific and technological innovation, enabling the new development of LED lighting

In the transformation process of LED lighting industry towards new trend and high quality development, optical design undoubtedly becomes an important technical support and has a strong "leading geese" driving effect.

Nowadays, LED lighting has entered a new stage of comprehensive penetration, cross-border integration and accelerated innovation, and its market personalized demand is quite obvious.Lighting products integrating intelligence, digitization and green energy saving have been attracting the attention of the industry.Companies need to be focused enough on technology and product features to have a foothold in the market segment.

In the 25th Guangya Exhibition, Guangzhou Doppler photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. launched a number of optical design schemes and optical device products, covering intelligent wear, stage entertainment, film and television lighting, museum exhibition lighting, high-end commercial lighting, cultural and tourism landscape lighting, special lighting and other applications, which attracted much attention.

The editor of LEDinside had a pleasant communication with Yin Yongjian, the founder of Doppler photoelectric and the chief optical designer of the company with nearly 40 years of optical design experience, and invited Mr. Yin to share the story behind the growth of Doppler photoelectric and its future development plan.

Founded in 2003, Dorp Doppler photoelectric is a global supplier of optical design solutions. With a large number of domestic and international patents, dorp always adheres to independent innovation, and provides customers with innovative, fully independent intellectual property rights, high-standard optical solutions, and practical, high-quality optical devices or systems.

After many years of industry development and precipitation, Doppler photoelectric has its own profound and unique insights in the fields of imaging optics, lighting optics, laser and image recognition, etc., and its optical design schemes have been widely spread in countries or regions in Europe and America, as well as in major cities in China.It provides customers with high standards of optical design and products, solve a lot of technical problems in the industry, and has won a good reputation in the industry.

Doppler photoelectric attaches great importance to its own technological innovation and spends more than 15% of its annual turnover on product development and process platform update. Such a high technical investment makes Doppler photoelectric at a leading level in many aspects of the industry.

Walking into the booth of Doppler photoelectric, the first thing you see is the high-definition projection of The English letters of TOPLITE and LED3D square LOGO.This is Doppler photoelectric' IMM series of high-definition imaging, projection optical lenses and lenses.

IMM series, with zoom, fixed focus and wide Angle options, can be adapted from a dozen watts to hundreds of watts of LED light sources.In particular, the high-definition wide Angle lens "distortionless" imaging, giving light sculptural graphic restoration effect.

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