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Development and prospect of LED chip industry

The current LED display industry, the market, channels and other aspects of the competition is increasingly fierce.As is known to all, in the domestic LED display market, as enterprises are numerous, the product homogeneityphenomenon serious, makes pricing has become a major means of market competition, corporate profit margins have been compressed, and before some malignant price war industry, the industry product quality, reduce the market credibility, as well as the serious product homogeneity and so on a variety of "disease", some even extended to each other malicious attacks the phenomenon such as between businesses, these questions at the end of the day is bad "civil war" between screen by industry enterprise.It is precisely because domestic LED display enterprises fell into the "civil war" for many years before, and the "internal conflict" was serious. As a result, although China's LED display manufacturing industry is in the leading position in the world industry, there are only a few leading brand enterprises in the field of LED display......


In recent years, with the rapid growth of China's LED display industry, the strength of domestic LED display enterprises has been significantly enhanced, and the vision is more broadened. More enterprises begin to look at overseas markets, and get away from the fierce domestic competition, to participate in the global market competition.Since the beginning of 2017, under the "One Belt And One Road" and other national policies, many domestic LED display enterprises have further accelerated the pace of overseas expansion. Chinese LED display enterprises continue to "go out", embrace the global market, and seek new space for enterprise development and growth.


For domestic LED display enterprises, the overseas market has broad growth prospects, which forms a sharp contrast with the development situation of the domestic market.At the same time, along with the progress of technology and market the real rise of small spacing, and the domestic many screen companies overseas road to go more smoothly, in terms of overseas market development, domestic LED display company already has a timing (strong demand overseas, and depreciation is good) and people (industry enterprises to actively put), and in order to make up for the "right time", in recent years, with strength of domestic screen by increasing their overseas investment enterprises, actively for localization development.


In addition to avoid the domestic market, on the other hand, road to internationalization development, for domestic screen companies, it is important to build benign industrial chain, often can see example, for example, said foreign often saw a Chinese restaurant fire, immediately surrounding the competition will be a lot of Chinese restaurants, and other jews don't, a shop, they will open other shops, do other related party are different business, complement, thus ecological virtuous circle, to attract more people.The domestic LED display industry has grown for nearly three or four decades. At first, it was completely "barbaric" growth. Now, it has a scale, but the development situation of upper, middle and lower reaches and surrounding supporting industries is incomplete and uneven.


Michael Porter, the "father of competitive strategy", pointed out that competitive advantage comes from the value that enterprises create for customers in the final analysis, and the competition between enterprises is not only the competition of a certain link, but the competition of the whole value chain, which is that customers are willing to pay for the product value.It is hoped that the LED display industry can form a benign industrial ecological chain as soon as possible and help the healthy development of the industry.


Look at present, the LED display industry excess domestic market gradually saturated, product widely, the further development of the Internet, make industry information such as prices more transparent, profits have fallen sharply, screen enterprise survival pressure, previously the sort of "recklessly" price war and no longer applicable, it is fully realize this, domestic LED companies are open "differentiation" competitive routes, differentiated products, development of different niche, or move beyond, or optimization of products, services, expand brand influence and so on.


Just as the word "competition" originally contains two meanings, one is to divide the cake, the other is to make the cake bigger.Domestic LED display enterprises rather than suffering in the "civil war", it is better to rely on their own core technology and management level to improve the cake, the first to share a larger market share, to win better development opportunities.

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