Composition and performance characteristics of the projection lamp


Project-light lamp

The projection lamp is composed of optical component, mechanical component and electrical component. The optical components are mainly reflectors and light - limiting baffles. The mechanical components are mainly the housing, the focusing mechanism to fix and adjust the position of the light source, the bracket and base to fix the lamp, and the parts with Angle indication to adjust the direction of the light beam projection. For most of the closed lamps, the mechanical parts also have protective glass and various sealing rings. According to the need of use environment, some still contain metal mesh cover. led corn bulb A good projector is equipped with an air filter. Electrical components are mainly ballasts, capacitors, triggers (according to the needs of the light source) and so on.

<二>The performance characteristics of

1, the use of internal and external strong seismic structural design, effectively solve the strong vibration caused by the bulb fall off, bulb life shorten, support fracture and other problems.

2, with high efficiency gas discharge lamp as the light source, the bulb service life of more than 10000 hours, especially suitable for outdoor large area unmanned lighting.

3. It has good electromagnetic compatibility and will not cause electromagnetic interference to surrounding environment.

4. The lamp has good overall heat dissipation, which can reduce the probability of failure.

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