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CES 2021 | Seoul semiconductor show four applications such as Micro/UV LED products

At CES 2021, Seoul Semiconductor and Seoul VAOS showcases four application products, covering smart display, smart driving, smart home appliances and smart lighting.

During the show, Seoul Semiconductor and Seoul Vaosi unveiled the second generation of LED technology for various applications such as display, intelligent driving, consumer electronics, intelligent lighting, etc.


Specific exhibits include Micro Clean LED display and core technology for MINI /Micro LED display, WICOP, VCSEL laser diode to ensure safe and autonomous driving, Sunlike natural spectrum LED technology, Violeds UV LED technology.


Among them, Micro Clean LED display is developed by Seoul-based Wai Ao Se, which can be used in smartwatches and was shown at CES 2020.

According to previous reports, the display was provided by Seoul Vaosi, while Seoul Semiconductor assisted in packaging and mass transfer of the LED chip to PCB board. The product is available in 4K resolution TV sizes, from 42 inches to 220 inches, with 1 RGB LED per pixel, which can be mass-produced.


In addition, in the field of Micro LED, we also develop the key mass transfer technology of Micro LED, which can provide transfer solutions from RGB EPI grown MOCVD to small Micro (μ-class) RGB chips. And Seoul Semiconductor has patch technology, substrate connection technology, can be used for large screen display.

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