Both pre - increase!Two more LED companies announced their forecast for 2020

Today (12.25), Inferte and Ming Microelectronics have released the 2020 performance forecast, the net profit of the two enterprises are expected to increase.

Infinite 2020 net profit is expected to increase by 40%-60%


It is estimated that in 2020, the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company will be 14,8614,200 yuan to 169,844,800 yuan, an increase of 40%-60% over the same period of last year of 10,6153,000 yuan.


According to the announcement, under the circumstance that its production and business activities were affected by the epidemic, Infreit actively adjusted its business strategy, strengthened the market expansion at home and abroad, developed new businesses and key customers, and released the accumulation of past business projects.


Among them, LED drive power supply business operating income under the pressure of the epidemic still increased compared with the same period last year.The company's new energy vehicle charging facilities related business market development smoothly, operating revenue increased significantly compared with the same period last year.

In addition, in 2020, the total assets of the company increased by 167.34%, the owner's equity attributable to the parent company increased by 222.94%, the share capital increased by 33.33%, and the net assets attributable to the owner of the parent company increased by 142.26%, mainly due to the increase in funds raised by initial public offering during the reporting period.


Ming Microelectronics said that compared with the "IPO and listed in the science and technology board prospectus" in 2020 performance forecast, the above data difference is mainly due to strong demand in the downstream market in the fourth quarter, coupled with the emergence of capacity protection and cost scale effect brought by self-allocation.

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