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A-The first intelligent multifunctional rod national standard

The first intelligent multifunctional rod national standard is coming!


Since 2019, a nationwide upsurge in the construction of smart light poles has been set off, and a number of local standards have been approved and formulated.The first provincial standard and the first local standard were successively born, respectively, the GuangDong Provincial standard "Technical Specification for Smart Light Pole" and the ShenZhen Municipal Approved and issued "Specification for Design and Engineering Construction of Multifunctional Smart Pole System".Now comes the first national standard for smart, multifunctional rods.


The national standard for the Service Function and Operation Management of Smart Multi-functional Poles in smart Cities, organized by the National Committee for Standardization of Urban Public Facilities Services, was officially launched on June 17 and officially completed on December 25.


Within the scope of national standards, the smart multi-functional pole refers to the urban public facility consisting of a pole body, an integrated box and an integrated pipeline, connected to the system platform, and mounted various facilities and equipment to provide management and services.The city services covered include smart lighting, smart communication, smart security, smart transportation, smart environmental protection, smart linkage and other seven categories.



The standard stipulates the general requirements of the smart multi-functional pole, service function requirements, service requirements and operation management requirements, which are applicable to the design and operation management of the smart multi-functional pole under the scenes of urban roads, squares, scenic spots, parks, communities and other scenes, as well as the implementation of scenarios such as expressway.



In the functional requirements section of smart lighting service, the standard stipulates multi-functional pole mounted lighting equipment and intelligent lighting management equipment.It supports intelligent remote centralized control and automatic regulation of street lighting through intelligent design and refined control.


With the acceleration of 5G construction and new infrastructure construction this year, smart light poles, as an important carrier for the construction of smart cities, are landing all over the country at a faster pace.This has also led to more local standards, but there is still a lack of national norms.Nowadays, the Code for Service Function and Operation Management of Smart Multi-functional Poles in smart Cities fills this gap, especially in function design and operation management.The release and implementation of this national standard will contribute to the high-quality development of the smart multi-functional pole industry, help improve the domestic smart city standard system, and boost the construction of smart cities.



From the point of view of the lighting industry, the introduction of this standard means that lighting manufacturers can be more rule-based in the development of smart street lamps and smart pole related equipment, so as to provide more reliable and standardized products.



At present, a number of domestic and foreign lighting display and supporting enterprises have increased their investment in the field of intelligent street lamps, and their products have bloomed in many places, such as Xinnuofizhou Ming Science and Technology China body Science and Technology, Famous Huiwanrun Science and Technology, OpP Lighting, Foshan Lighting Super frequency Saninfei, etc.



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