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A-Something about Yiguang's revenue next year

MiniLED backlight, invisible light and other power, Yiguang revenue next year is expected to double digit growth.



LED packaging plant Yiguang yesterday (12.28), said spokesman Shi Yugeng, next year, driven by the application of invisible light, backlight and automotive three products, revenue is expected to double digit growth.The gross margin is expected to be slightly better than this year due to the increased proportion of high gross margin product line.


Shi noted that revenue this year was expected to be flat or lower than last year due to the outbreak.But orders in the fourth quarter were better than in the same period last year, and overall revenue this year is expected to grow from last year.


Looking ahead to next year, Shi said he expects double-digit revenue growth next year, driven by the application of three products: invisible visible light, backlight and automotive applications.Also due to product portfolio optimization, the proportion of high gross margin product line is improved, and the gross margin is expected to be slightly better than this year.


In terms of the three product lines, Shi pointed out that in terms of visible light, the main demand next year will come from new application fields, including power industrial control, on-board appliances and TV, which will become the main growth drivers of the operation next year.


Backlight, the first quarter of next year will start shipping new products.In addition to the existing TV brand factories in China, other brands will ship one after another, and some applications such as laptop, flat panel, display and vehicle will ship one after another next year. It is expected that the whole backlight revenue will account for about 10% next year.


Yiguang currently accounts for less than 5 percent of its revenue from automotive products. In the first half of this year, it was affected by the epidemic, which slowed down the weak delivery momentum of the auto market.Next year, however, auto demand will grow dramatically, and for the first time it will enter the headlights market, with auto revenue expected to grow to nearly 10 percent.


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