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A-Osram's first UVC LED was officially launched

On January 14, Osram launched its first UVC LED device, the Oslon UV 3636, officially entering the UVC LED market.


The Oslon UV 3636 is 3.6mm by 3.6mm in size, has a wavelength of 275nm and is available in both low and medium power options.They are suitable for sterilization.Among them, the light power of low-power UVC LED is 4.5MW when the current is 30mA, and the light power of medium-power UVC LED is 42mW when the current is 350mA.


Christian Leirer, Product manager at Osram Optoelectronics Semiconductor, said the Oslon UV 3636 device is osram's first innovative product within its UVC business, with a high-power UVC LED device expected to be launched in early 2021.


Osram says UVC leds are small and easy to install in terminal applications, directly corresponding to the object to be disinfected.For example, UVC leds integrated in faucets can significantly reduce bacteria;UVC leds are used in the interior air conditioning system to purify the air before it is blown into the interior.

In addition, the direct integration of UVC light sources in terminal applications also ensures that high-energy short-wave UVC light does not reach the surrounding environment, thus causing no harm to people.


In addition to UVC LED, Osram is also actively exploring the UVA LED market.In September, Osram introduced the Air Zing Mini, an in-car Air purifier with UVA leds that have a wavelength of 360-370nm and a 99.9% sterilization rate.


Although the previous market feedback that the second half of this year began UV LED product demand is not as strong as the first half.But in fact, the epidemic prevention has become increasingly normal, coupled with the current global outbreak of a new wave of crisis, the DEMAND for UV LED disinfection products is expected to continue to grow.


Moreover, the layout and upgrading of major manufacturers such as Xinofai, Mulinsen and Osram in the industry are enough to show the unlimited potential of the UV LED market.From the perspective of the industry itself, driven by osram and other leading technology companies, the commercial application of UV LED products is just around the corner.

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