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A-Doppler photoelectric

Although the COVID-19 epidemic has brought considerable impact and impact to the LED industry,but it has also stimulated and generated new market demand and brought new opportunities to enterprises.


Mr. Yin said that after the outbreak, the precision and miniaturization of optical devices for lighting fixtures are expected to become a new trend.For Doppler photoelectric, the most important thing is to find its own living space to build a diversified business pattern and focus on the distribution of small-sized product market.



Despite the tough economic situation this year, combined with the impact of the epidemic, Doppler photoelectric can still grow against the trend.The product layout will be adjusted in the future.In addition to the continued development and deep cultivation of overseas markets, it will also focus on the demand of domestic consumer market, and promote the intelligent construction and breakthrough transformation of the lighting industry.



With the advent of the 5G era and the construction of new informationized cities in full swing, the industry is facing the pressure of transformation and two-way development of technology replacement, so transformation and upgrading are imperative.


When it comes to market changes, Mr. Yin believes that the miniaturization, lightness and intelligence of lamps and lanterns will become a development hotspot in the future.VR/AR and other consumer electronic products have gradually become the new trend, and this field is also one of the directions of Doppler photoelectric transformation.Compared with the optical design solutions of traditional lighting, consumer electronics are not just a technical problem.Doppler photoelectric will use 5G and other technologies to innovate products and solutions, strengthen industrial innovation integration and patent research achievements transformation.



Doppler photoelectric has been deeply engaged in the LED lighting industry for more than 16 years, and has the top design and development team in the industry. In

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